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Plum Investors joins Development Capital Group

Development Capital Group DLPM
Plum Investors joins Development Capital Group (www.developmentcapital.com), a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under DLPM.

The premises of Development Capital Group is to be a publicly traded incubator and investment company. They will acquire small businesses or startup companies and help them integrate new technologies that target large active user databases. They will also be focused on the integration of big data technologies.

Development Capital Group has contracted with Plum Investors putting Joseph Ricard as the President of the company and to build proprietary technology by integrating big data into their projects. One of their first developments will be Realty Valuator, an application that aggregates data on foreclosure auctions in Florida.

Mr. Ricard has a background in technology and big data, and has been building applications in the big data space. While developing these tools, he saw a need for real estate investors when buying assets to quickly calculate the ROI on the property, but also be able to know the valuations before making bids in the auctions.

To find out more about Realty Valuator, please check out their website www.realtyvaluator.com