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Business Owners

What do you want to achieve with your current company? When it comes to business, we all know we could achieve more. If this were not true, you would not be the person in charge of your business decisions. Sometimes we need guidance or assistance when making the right decision. Plum Investors helps the business owner understand their value, and communicate that to others. When a company has a clear picture and understanding of their value, they can focus on bringing their company to the next level. We help business owners to realize their potential, develop a plan, provide the necessary tools and services, and ultimately, achieve success!

Some of the services we offer for business owners:

  • Investment Capital
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Expansion
  • Co-Marketing Programs
  • Business Acquisitions – Buy or Sell


Have you always been satisfied with the results of projects you invested in? Investing can be easy, sometimes too easy. What allows us to really choose the right investment is having enough options and information about each deal. In the investment world, the “deal flow” is a crucial part of most investment firms. Our company uses Big Data to discover between 200 and 1000 deals a day (and growing). Our proprietary software also analyzes each opportunity and provides better understanding with our snapshot tools. Plum Investors focuses on filtering out all of the bad deals, isolating the best ones for our investment teams, and allowing early access to invest in companies that fits their investment profile.

Some of the services we assist investors on are:

  • Increase Deal Flow Access
  • Business Snapshots (each deal filtered, cleaned and Analyzed)
  • Big Data analysis of the business and founder
  • Industry specific deal feeds and SWOT analysis


So, you have a great idea. Do you have the tools, time and experience to execute it? Do you need guidance or assistance with identifying the best business structure, incorporating, acquiring the proper licensing, building a website, securing start up capital, making a great first impression on your customers, processing payments, handling accounting and other legal responsibilities?
Plum Investors hears a lot of ideas; it was even created by a founder who has started over 15 startups using lean business techniques. What Plum Investors does for entrepreneurs that are about to step into the startup space, is to clarify their idea, analyze the market, create proper business projections, and help get it in front of investors who are interested in you. Having an idea is one thing. Having the right tools to execute it into a successful company is another. Plum Investors focuses on creating success stories that everyone wants to hear, but more importantly, everyone wants to be a part of.

Some of the services and tools we offer startups:

  • Create the right corporate structure
  • Develop a professional pitch deck
  • Help connect with investors in your industry
  • Help raise capital
  • SWOT Analysis


We love non-profits. We value the work you do, and we thank you for giving back to the community. Non-profits are no different though to run than “for profit” companies. As part of our giving back, we help make non-profits become more efficient and be able to have a larger impact on the community. In order for us to help, we have to understand the whole business and the impact it has on the community. If we do an assessment of the non-profit and see that it is being run properly, we will offer our assistance to make it a more powerful and impactful organization.

Some of the services we offer for Non-Profits:

  • Complete business analysis
  • Check company mission versus current goals
  • Help create a more impactful presentation
  • Connect with other key contacts in the industry
  • Help fund raise for the organization