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Plum Investors acquires Big Data Foreclosure tool

Development Capital Group (DLPM) and Plum Investors raised $680,900 to build online tools that harnessed new innovative technologies like Big Data. The new application that we developed is amazing.

Realty Valuator pulls in all the government auctions that are happening every day in Florida, and pulling information from over 20 different data points to allow an investor to see a better snapshot when buying a house.

These auctions happen rather fast, and having the right tools, insight, and information is the key difference in success and failure.

We plan to relaunch in the second quarter of 2015 with the right capital and marketing plan. We are happy to announce that we have our agreement for full ownership from Development Capital Group for all the website, intellectual property, and domain name.

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Clearance gets acquired for $40M

Acquisition of Ecommerce is a new ecommerce company that has generated over 400k users for their ecommerce platform. If the capital is spent properly we see huge potential with this project. is running Magento and has been making some interesting waves in the ecommerce space., one of the fastest growing start-up ecommerce websites in the world, was acquired by DLPM for approximately USD 40 million in an all-stock transaction which are subject to certain restrictions of resale. The completion of the transaction establishes significant revenue for Development Capital Group while enabling increased funding for marketing initiatives for the brand.

Joseph Ricard said of the acquisition, “The revenue is so compelling at such an early stage of their development we knew we wanted to be a part of that.” Mr. Ricard went onto say, “Clearance is making huge strides as a new ecommerce company, and is setting high records with their current technology. Additional growth will be apparent when we incorporate mobile platforms and integrate the advertising technology such as retargeting. You are seeing a huge shift from retail to ecommerce, and they are doing some pretty innovative things in this space already.”

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Launching Realty Valuator – Big Data Foreclosure Application

Launching Realty Valuator - DLPM foreclosure application

We are happy to announce that the launch of our project Realty Valuator with Development Capital Group has hit a big milestone today and now its out in the marketplace for people to BETA test! We raised close to a million dollars when we started this project, and now the technology that we have been working on is ready for investors to test out. This real estate foreclosure tool is a big advantage for investors looking to buy assets in the Florida market.

RV allows prospective real estate investors to search for available properties within a specific region in real time. Real estate investors will be able to assess accurately the variance between the list price and property valuation. Users will be enabled to forecast various cost & return rate scenarios associated with purchasing, renovating, and leasing each property based on current market data. Ultimately, RV gives a real estate investor similar or better tools than what current real estate investment firms are using to analyze the market. This beta release will initially only be applicable to the Florida market, however, the Company plans to expand into other states.

Joseph Ricard, President of DLPM and the developer of, said of the application’s launch: “The application is amazing. I saw a house in Pensacola, Florida, sell for 50 percent of the valuation price. Everyone who has now seen the beta version is excited to see the new features as they roll out. I know this is just the beginning, and I have so many other markets to expand too.”

The company has updated its landing page, which allows visitors to sign up for an e-mail alert for the official launch, or they are provided with a link that allows potential real estate investors to click over and view the beta version of RealtyValuator today.

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Plum Investors joins Development Capital Group

Development Capital Group DLPM
Plum Investors joins Development Capital Group (, a publicly traded company listed on the OTC under DLPM.

The premises of Development Capital Group is to be a publicly traded incubator and investment company. They will acquire small businesses or startup companies and help them integrate new technologies that target large active user databases. They will also be focused on the integration of big data technologies.

Development Capital Group has contracted with Plum Investors putting Joseph Ricard as the President of the company and to build proprietary technology by integrating big data into their projects. One of their first developments will be Realty Valuator, an application that aggregates data on foreclosure auctions in Florida.

Mr. Ricard has a background in technology and big data, and has been building applications in the big data space. While developing these tools, he saw a need for real estate investors when buying assets to quickly calculate the ROI on the property, but also be able to know the valuations before making bids in the auctions.

To find out more about Realty Valuator, please check out their website

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Plum Investors closes $680,900 with Development Capital Group

Development Capital Group DLPM | Raises Money
Plum Investors helps close a quick investment round of $680,900 in private placement for Development Capital Group (DLPM) to focus and develop an in-house application in cooperation with Plum Investors.

This stage of financing will allow Development Capital Group to accelerate its investment in innovative product development, acquisitions and will commence marketing initiatives to drive product awareness for revenue growth. Development Capital Group is now able to pursue projects on a larger scale and breadth as well advance existing projects with greater speed. Development Capital Group’s vision has been broadened to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Plum Investors and DLPM are working together on creating DLPMs first internal application, which is currently in private beta analyzing real estate auction data in Florida.

DLPM develops businesses and technologies with significant potential for growth and customer acquisition. The Company analyzes market trends seeking opportunities to develop innovative technologies that capitalize on antiquated or under-serviced sectors.

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Tunebash Featured on PandoDaily

Tunebash iOS Free Streaming Music App

Tunebash our free streaming music app that we launched a couple weeks ago received a call from PandoDaily today. We had an interview about the technology and the direction of the company.

Our plans over the next couple months is to start to present our business strategy to some of our investors to raise capital. The application is naturally growing. We received close to 9,000 users in our first week.

This project has been fully funded by Plum Investors and has been under complete control and direction of our board members.

We see huge potential in Tunebash. If Tunebash can get the right media attention and naturally grow over 500k users, it should have enough activity to make the right strategic partnerships with ticketing agents.

To find our more about Tunebash, check them out online.


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Joining the Entrepreneurs Organization – EO Network

EO South Florida Logo

Joseph Ricard of Plum Investors has joined a group of entrepreneurs located in South Florida. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization has a large amount of members located throughout South Florida from Miami all the way up to West Palm Beach. They are very active in the Fort Lauderdale area, where most of their meetings are held.

With this new network, Plum Investors can find support teams in other countries to assist with their startups and projects that they are currently on. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is full of amazing resources in basically every industry. Since you are only as powerful as your network, the EO will be a big help in strengthening Plum Investors Network.

The Entrepreneurs Organization has been around for over 25 years, and is founded by successful entrepreneurs who knew it takes a special team to support business owners and developers.

It has a global network of over 8,000 members in over 40 countries worldwide. The average age of the member is 41, and has revenue of over $17.3 million.

With a total of $138 billion a year, it’s a very useful network to be part of with people who know what they are doing in business in general.

For more information, go to

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Investing in your roots –

FSU Alumni - InvestorPlum Investors is working on close ties with the Florida State Alumni to invest in the future of FSU and its students. One of the larger issues we found while going to college was a marketplace that allowed students to exchange services, assets, or buy and sell assets, safely. With all the crime reported on site like Craigslist, and Ebay being home of a large economy, we found a need for a small community focused around the Florida State Community.

We always believe that investing in people is the most rewarding we can do. One of our current investments is in an alumnus Simon Anderson, who is currently publishing a book on the future of technology and is known in the industry as a Futurist. The current project that we are investing in is a campus exclusive market place for Florida State University called “Nole Trader” you can find out more about it on its BETA currently at

The company is working on a lot of marketing ideas and teaming up with people at Florida State through strategic partnerships to create awareness of the service for students. We plan on launching the website through a soft launch, then do a large marketing campaign on campus.

To find out info, or if you can help, contact simon at

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