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Plum Investors focuses on connecting a vast number of selected businesses and investors into a clean network of opportunities. We currently filter through over 500 different business opportunities a day and provide the best deals to our network of business owners and investors. We have a variety of solutions, technologies, and various tools to assist business owners and investors.

In business there is a “Lemon” which is typically a bad or sour business deal, and there is a “Plum” which is usually a good business deal that has a sweet return. Our primary focus is finding and providing the “Plum” business deals throughout our network. We have a direct connection to over 12,000 business owners and over 4,000 investors in all types of industries, with our reach and capabilities growing daily.

Plum Investors has developed various Big Data applications and integrated the technology into multiple mobile applications, real estate software, and...

Latest News

Realty Valuator | Big Data Real Estate Foreclosure
Plum Investors acquires RealtyValuator.com on 11/20/2014

Development Capital Group (DLPM) and Plum Investors raised $680,900 to build online tools that harnessed new innovative technologies like Big Data. The new application that we developed is amazing. Realty Valuator pulls in all the government auctions that are happening every … Continue reading

Clearance.co Ecommerce company
Clearance gets acquired for $40M on 04/04/2014

Clearance.co is a new ecommerce company that has generated over 400k users for their ecommerce platform. If the capital is spent properly we see huge potential with this project. Clearance.co is running Magento and has been making some interesting waves in the … Continue reading